WLtoys v272 Mini 4-CH 2.4GHz Nano Quad Copter with Gyro

Just released, the smallest Quadcopter to hit the market is the new V272 by WLtoys.  Built with precision electronics, this nano quad has 3 flight modes, 40% for beginners, 60% for intermediate flyters and 80% for advanced quadcopter pilots. With

Custom Rc Hobby website is coming soon!!!!!!!

Guys thank you so much for all the e-mails asking when the website will be done and I am truly hoping it will be ready soon  for launching……Thank you for all your support!!!! If you guys need anything please send

Commercial Day Fun Fun !!!!!!

Hi guys I just want to share with you a  day of filming  a commercial inside the Glendale gallery …flying and align 250… that I manage to install a v-bar on it and  it flew good…however, the heli was not

3D Printed Mini-FPV-Quads!

Hi Folks! New interest in the capabilities of 3D printing in our Hobby–mainly mini-quads (FPV) with first-person-view. I am not a real fan of quads at the moment, being a flying purist, but the advent of building flying machines using

3D Printed Fishing Boats

Into Boats? I am playing with my 3D printer and building a PLA (Polylactide–thermoplastic) Glue Gun to join 3D printed hulls for a smooth surface.  Because the Hull is 3D printed in parts–limitation of printer–the parts need to be plastic

Bombs Away!

We are selling a new product for Airplanes–Flour Bombs! These plastic bombs are great (can’t show pictures yet–hush, hush), but I will be designing the Bomb Bay Dropper for and aircraft.  It is being prototyped in my, guess what–3D printer!