Commercial Day Fun Fun !!!!!!

Glendale Gallery IMG_20140507_110626_037(1) cid_743

Hi guys I just want to share with you a  day of filming  a commercial inside the Glendale gallery …flying and align 250… that I manage to install a v-bar on it and  it flew good…however, the heli was not stable maybe because of its size or maybe just because I was so  nervous  ….more likely that was the reason because I was being too nervous jejeje …but it was a great experience….a day filled with fun and learning….I was referred  from Robins Hobby ( Rod) and with the help and support from  my friends Luis and Henry I was able to make it a good day….Henry flew his 350 QX inside of the mall which that would never happened on a regular day …. well for sure  it was fun and different….. so here is some pics with the guys…thanks Luis and Henry for the support ….!!!!

Erick R.

Custom Rc Hobby




3 Responses to Commercial Day Fun Fun !!!!!!

  1. Rudy says:

    That is so cool guys !!!!keep it up

  2. Will says:

    great flying Erick, see you soon at the RB

  3. Erick Robles says:

    hi this is good stuff …keep it up…

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